What is systemic constellation work??

Systemic Constellation with Svagito

Read more about what this powerful method for inner growth and transformation can do for you, your life, and for companies and organizations! Systemic constellation show where flow in a system is hindered and why - and what can be done to heal, skapa balans eller bättre relationer och etablera […]

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Weak about life, love and death!

Svagito Liebermeister podcast Spread the Word

“The greatest lesson is to disappear - in meditation, love or creative joy!” Svagito Liebermeister psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and author. He trains people around the world in the art of working with people from a meditative attention and presence. He is best known for his work with systemic constellations (family constellation) which […]

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Interview with Krishna Das

Krishna Das on YouTube Spread the Word Mikael Karlholm

See Michael talks with KD on his spiritual path and dedicated the song. Krishna Das: yoga world's own rock star! Krishna Das, commonly referred to as KD, have kirtan-song from yoga centers to concert halls and has become an international icon; the largest Western chant artist of all time. His soulful voice strikes something in the deepest of […]

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Thanks for a lovely evening concert!

Thank concert with Deva Premal & Miten with Manose at Stockholm Waterfront 2019

“On the Wings of Mantra” at Stockholm Waterfront overall 1900 People in the singing and the Community! This simple little film gives some highlights of this year's concert with Deva Premal & Miten with Manose at Stockholm Waterfront! Stockholm audience (c:a 1900 people) welcomed the performers warm when they took the stage and began the concert […]

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See our interview with Byron Katie!

Podcast with Byron Katie and Michael Karlholm, Spread the word

When we organized events with Byron Katie in July did Michael also this interview. We think every moment with Katie, founder of the method The Work and best-selling author of, among other things Loving it, is a gift. We would like to share with us the moment!  Wants […]

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