See our interview with Byron Katie!

Podcast with Byron Katie and Michael Karlholm, Spread the word

When we organized events with Byron Katie in July did Michael also this interview.

We think every moment with Katie, founder of the method The Work and best-selling author of, among other things Loving what is, is a gift. We would like to share with us the moment! 

Do you also want to experience The Work?

We, Michael and Candra Karlholm, Spread the Words grundare, offering both individual sessions via Skype, for those who want to get help to challenge your mind with this method. We both have a lot of experience practicing The Work and knows the value of doing it with a partner. Do you have questions, Please contact us for more in a free call! Please feel free to write in the comment box if you have a preference for who you want to reconnect to you.

See us demonstrating The Work in Swedish

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