"On the Wings of Mantra" at Stockholm Waterfront overall 1900 People in the singing and the Community!

This simple little film gives some highlights of this year's concert with Deva Premal & Miten with Manose at Stockholm Waterfront!

Stockholm audience (c:a 1900 people) welcomed the performers warm when they took the stage and began the concert at Stockholm Waterfront 4 Oct. 2019.

- You can create a temple anywhere, How the rain, and song by mantra, music, presence and participation for all soon created that special atmosphere that many come to their concerts.

It treated to subtle mantras Gayatri and You contacted Nameh, more lively, such as Hello and Govinda Jaya, and songs from latest album Mitens Devotee, as Into your hands and All the way.

Photos: Filip C. Agoo

Warm thanks to all who came and were part of this evening!