What is systemic constellation work??

Systemic Constellation with Svagito

Read more about what this powerful method for inner growth and transformation can do for you, your life, and for companies and organizations!

Systemic constellation show where flow in a system is hindered and why - and what can be done to heal, create balance or improve relationships. A system can be a family, but it can also be a company or an organization.

Read more here about systemic constellations in companies!

Below you can see a short video interview with Svagito about this type of work:

Svagito offers a one-day workshop with organizations- / Svagito holds a full-day workshop on organizational constellation 15 February at Björnbacka Retreat Center outside Stockholm. Read more here!

Constellation work for individuals:

Unconscious love is the root of many problems – even those that are not primarily about relationship

When we are born and as we grow up in a family, we bond to our family members. Bonding is a strong instinct that help the survival of our species

It is a kind of love, but not very conscious – a blind love. Therefore it also brings suffering and it can keep us trapped in patterns that we don't grasp and that we may struggle in vain to get rid of.

The thing is, sometimes what happens in our lives is not just about ourselves, and then it is difficult to change or solve things.

Our family past influences us, also on deep levels that we are unaware of.

If an important person in our system for example. was excluded or suffered very much, our soul feels it. We may then repeat something in our own life, or try to balance something or save someone… This is because of the blind love

We may develop a symptom or a decease, we can have strong feelings that are not only related to what we experience ourselves here and now but that are an echo or a repetition from previous generations… Our relationship with money may also be affected, or our choice of life partner – or that we never find one… and so on.

Systemic constellation can help you heal things of your family past and find more strength, clarity and conscious love!

Systemic constellation is a method for:

  • examining important problems that you are struggling with in your life
  • become aware of the underlying causes
  • find what steps you can take to heal and grow beyond blind love and identification into a more conscious and mature state

Many participants experience great shifts and insights as clients or representatives in a family constellation - and also by witnessing and recognizing themselves in someone else's session..

Here Svagito Liebermeister, author of the book “The Roots of Love” about systemic constellations about the method and the upcoming weekend workshop in Stockholm and online, 11 – 13 February:

This work must be experienced - it can help you make important shifts in your life!

Next month there is a chance to experience constellation work with Svagito Liebermeister, live on site in Stockholm AND live online!

Svagito will offer two shorter workshops in systemic constellation in February:

From Unconscious to Conscious Love, 11-13 February. live on site in Stockholm AND live online. 18.00 Friday- 19.30 Sunday. Price: 4400 SEK. Food and accommodation are not included.

NEW: Participate LIVE ONLINE! The constellations are made with the participants who are present on location in Stockholm, also for the people joining online. Price: 295 about systemic constellations about the method and the upcoming weekend workshop in Stockholm and online.

Principles of Leadership and Success, organizational constellation, 15 February at Björnbacka Retreat Center. 9.30 – 18.30. Price: 2375 SEK incl. lunch and tea. Read more and register here!

We recommend this to anyone who wants to find a powerful way to grow in love and awareness, in a practical, embodied and often very moving way!

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