Welcome to a One Day Intensive with ShantiMayi" />

Welcome to a One Day Intensive with ShantiMayi

June 15th ShantiMayi offers a One Day Intensive which will include a special ceremony and meditiation. We asked her to tell us more…


The Kogi initiation is a Balancing Initiation, brought to us by the Kogi of Columbia. This tribe has taken care of the ‘heart of the world’ for thousands of years. Though the Kogi live on earth, their consciousness resides in a realm called Aluna. The Kogi were taught how to live by the ‘Great Mother’ and up to today continue to live ‘as the Great Mother Taught.’


KogiIt is an unusual honor to receive the Balancing Initiation sent to us by the Mamos (enlightened leaders) of the Kogi tribe. ShantiMayi has been connected to the Kogi for about 20 years and she have received from the Kogi leader, Mamo Bernardo, many blessings. Now she also has a blessing to share this initiation with us.

You can learn more about the Kogi in the BBC documentary ‘Message to younger brother’.
It is well worth watching before our intensive, if at all possible.


This day, we will also meditate ‘the Sublime Attitude‘ meditation, to reach into a deeper inner peace. This meditation brings you to an awareness of the flow of thought. Sublime Attitude hones the skill of being aware and ‘seeing’ through thoughts. Over time and with practice, this meditation will bare the fruit of clarity, peace and transparency (seeing through and beyond busy thinking).

ellen molnia

Ellen Molnia – bhajans fairy of the north

In the evening, there will be one hour of music and chanting with Ellen Molnia, after which ShantiMayi will give Sacred Circle, (satsangh) a ‘spiritual gathering of Truth’. We will join in Sacred Circle to address your spiritual questions and concerns. It is a great gathering, supporting and enhancing your open heart and open mind. Though the form of satsangh is questions and answers, ShantiMayi encourages you to explore answers rather than accepting answers as conclusive. Answers are a doorway of exploration.

ShantiMayi is quite eclectic and draws language, inspirational imagery and stories from many traditions and always from speaks from her direct experience.

The program is all in English.

A warm welcome!

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