ShantiMayi must postpone her visit to Sweden

Unfortunately, ShantiMayi has had to cancel her visit to Sweden in July. We hope to see her later, perhaps in early fall. (If  you want to make sure not to miss her then, you can sign up for our newsletter!)
This is her greeting and explanation to the change of plans:


Dear Ones,
I have been in the long process for my French Residence Visa
for eleven months. Today I received notice that my
application has been accepted and is being processed
for residence and completion.
This will take one to two months to complete.
My Schengen Visa expires on the the 14th of July.
Being that that is so, I am not permitted to leave France
after the 14th,  until my residence papers are completed.
This had been a grueling process.
Now my life, all activities and travel are halted.
Though I am very happy to have this visa process in the last stages.
I am deeply saddened that I will be unable to come to Sweden
as planned.
The best thing has happened today and the saddest news both at once.
What a mixture. Please, I ask for your understanding, it is beyond me to do
anything but comply to the French rules.
I was excited to come to Sweden and could not wait to be with you.
Now I have to notify you that I can not fulfill my commitment.
This has never happened before… in twenty five years…but here it is.
I will attempt to make another schedule for visiting you as soon as possible.
Please excuse this difficult situation. I will truly miss our time together.
thank You for your kind understanding.
Blessings and Love

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