Inspired, touched and empowered!

chameli speaks

We are so grateful after this weekend’s workshops with Chameli Ardagh of Awakening Women! About 70 women showed up for each event in beautiful Urban Om, and explored feminine embodied spirituality. This circle of women…wow! Such willingness, such depth… It’s truly an honor to be among you sisters and share these experiences. What an amazing community of women we have here!

Chameli’s offering is so profund, so clear and practical. These days she shared about living one’s dharma, and what that entails. It was very inspiring to hear about this from one who is clearly on her path, and whose ongoing practise has given life to Awakening Women – a global sisterhood of thousands of women, with almost 273 000 followers on Facebook.

We love everything that’s about bringing spiritual realization and insight into the very center of the here-now; tangibly so. We love when it is about experience, living it, breathing it – knowing that it is actually what breathes and lives us… Realizing this again and again, deeper and deeper. We love when spiritual practise supports us to be with whatever arises in the present moment, just as it is, and knowing it’s essence… A knowing which is an ongoing exploration…

That’s why we love Chameli’s work and that is offered through Awakening Women.

Thank you, sister. We look forward to having you here again!

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