Greetings from Deva Premal & Miten

Costa Rica collage Miten & Deva Premal 2014

Deva Premal, Miten & Manose in Costa Rica 2014

With just days left until we get to meet our friends Deva Premal & Miten again here in Stockholm, where they offer their magical mantra concert on May 3rd, we made a little interview with them. Here it is – enjoy! And we hope we get to see you in Konserthuset!


1. Dear Deva and Miten, thanks for again coming back to Stockholm. Could you say something why Stockholm and Sweden is close to your heart?

The first time we played in Sweden was at the Ängsbacka festival.

What a great introduction to the Swedish people!
I remember, watching hundreds of people arriving at the start of the festival, in the pouring rain…families with kids…couples…carrying tents and sleeping bags and provisions…everyone joyful and soaked…but happy…and my heart went out to them.
The welcome we received when we stepped on the stage to play still lives in my heart!
Since then we have returned every year – and one of the highlights of our European tour is to be greeted so warmly at Stockholm airport by our friend and spiritual brother Mikael Karlholm…and meeting all our friends at the concert at the Stockholm philharmonic concert hall!


2. The Swedes took you to their heart early  any comments why you think that happened?

I think our energy is harmonious.

the mantras carry us all – whether we are on stage or in the audience – we all synchronise and fly together.


3. What keeps you motivated and able to go on giving your gift year after year?


It is our passion – our joy – our mission and our vision – everything about our life together is bonded by the mantras, the music, and the feeling of ’oneness’ that we all experience when we are chanting together with  friends, whether it is Miami, Moscow, Madrid ….
Sometimes people refer to our audience as ’fans’ but this is incorrect – it is not how we see the people who come to sing with us – to us, they are our friends.
The mantras help us to connect beyond our personality – they unlock the door into the realm of the heart, where all is one.


4. Whats your practise? How do you live your life so you can be at your best for the benefit of all?


The answer to your question is that we have no distractions. Our life is lived 24/7 – 100% all the time.
We don’t do anything else.
We don’t take a holiday – because every moment is a holiday…we love what we do.
Sometimes people ask us how we relax with all the travelling and ’performing’.
The truth is, there is no ’performance’.
For us, chanting the mantras and playing music is our tantric practice – it is the most precious time for us.
We feel totally intimate with each other – we connect energetically, with ourselves, with our musicians and with the people who sing with us.
It becomes an energetic phenomenon – it is nourishing for the heart and soul – every event brings us joy and gives us the energy it takes for us to continue.
Simply – we live this life because we can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or creative.
If it gets to a point where we feels to stop the travelling, we will.
But right now, we love to live a life focused on sharing ’spirit’ though music.


5. What is your prayer and blessing for everyone coming to your events?


Our prayer is ’OM SHANTI OM’ – universal peace for all.

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