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We are happy to offer guided meditations that you can listen to whenever you want, anywhere you want! Regardless of previous experience of meditation, it can be useful to have guidance to follow when you want to take a moment for depression and inland exploration. It helps one to keep focused - and each new guide can show new aspects of the inner world!

mikael2Spread the Words egen Michael Karlholm has recorded a guided meditation called ”Follow your inner wisdom”. It went straight to Storytels charts when it came out. Here's says a listener: ”/…/What a trip, the harmony of interaction and vibrations. Perfect meditation voice and so professional reading. wonderful Mikael!”

Candra wh cr2

Spread the Words Candra Karlholm has, among other things, published nine guided meditations, one for each attitude of mindfulness: acceptability, non-judgmental, trust, patience, curiosity, gratitude, generosity, non-striving and letting go. The practice of the nine attitudes is about to focus on something that already exists in us and get to know the, again and again. To come in there and face life away. We can warmly recommend!

Many have expressed appreciation for Candras voice and she guides the listener's own exploration in a nice and clear way.

You will find all meditations here!

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