ShantiMayi i Stockholm 2015

ShantiMayi, photo by Awakening photographerWe are so happy to ShantiMayi returns to Sweden, For the first time ever, gives a basic course with Chameli Ardagh, Founder of Awakening Women: Wisdom / Sophia Empowerment Intensive – a gathering of women. In addition, she provides a private full-day workshop, and Sacred Circle. Welcome!

ShantiMayi provides a stream of wisdom, a flow of blessing and encouragement and inspiration for all. She reminds us over and over again - not least through its own way of life - to return to the wisdom and clarity that is in our hearts. There one finds problematic situations real solutions in the integrity and boundless love.

ShantiMayi have traveled around the world and guided people on how to “living spirituality” in the daily lives of more than 25 years. By gathering interested in satsang (Sanskrit is sat for truth, song comes from the word sangha, Community), or Sacred Circle as she calls it, she wholeheartedly supports our maturity on the path of spiritual discovery within ourselves.

All are welcome to meet ShantiMayi in Sacred Circle *:

  • Sun 14 June at. 19.00 – 21.00.
  • Mon. 15 June at. 18.00 – 21.00 (Included in One day intensive med ShantiMayi, see below.) This evening's Sacred Circle includes chanting (music and song) Ellen Molnia, starting at. 18.00. Sacred Circle starts at. 19.00.

addition: One day Intensive med ShantiMayi

  • Mon. 15 June at. 9.00 – 15.00, and 18.00 – 21.00

On this day we will be part of a special ceremony from the Kogi tribe in Colombia: a people who “taking care of the Earth's heart for millennia”. ShantiMayi have a relationship with them that goes back twenty years, and she will now have their blessing to share this initialization.

See an acclaimed BBC documentary about the Kogi-people:

We will also meditate together with ShantiMayi, which leads us into a “Sublime Attitude”-meditation for deep inner peace. Full day ends in the evening with c:a one-hour music and singing with wonderful Ellen Molnia, samt Sacred Circle.

Read more for full day - ShantiMayi tells of Kogi-people M.M..

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*Sacred Circle is a time when ShantiMayi and participants can raise issues, concerns and share their experiences; spiritually stimulating exchange between the sincere and interested people. Speaking this says ShantiMayi:

– I feel every question is important. Like grains of sand can be piled just so high, until the hill of sand collapses. The seeds are cracking open with every inquiry. At some point one will be required from within, to take the answer and discover for oneself where the answer is directing. After all, answers are not answers, they are directives. Questions are seeds drifting in the wind, finding fertile ground… And then…the seeds crack open and take root… so to blossom fully in the hearts and open minds of sincere people.


Ellen Molnia, Bhajan Fairy of the North

Very welcome!

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Follow the link to see all the different types of tickets and prices. You have the option to choose combined ticket (a ticket to all events) after clicking “buy” in any event included.


  • One day Intensive Monday 15 June costs 1100 SEK including evening chanting with Ellen Molnia and Sacred Circle.
  • ShantiMayis Sacred Circle Sunday 14 June costs 250 SEK. On Monday, 15 June costs 300 SEK as it included an hour of music and singing with Ellen Molnia.
  • Wisdom / Sophia Empowerment Intensive for women, med Chameli Ardagh and ShantiMayi, 3495 SEK.
  • OFFER: ALL for 4 495 SEK! This price includes:

Wisdom / Sophia Intensive med Chameli & ShantiMayi

Sacred Circle with ShantiMayi Sunday 14 June

Full day with ShantiMayi including evening chanting and Sacred Circle Monday 15 June


More information about ShantiMayi:

Short films and text.

short interview.

her website.

Photo by Bibbe Friman.

4 Comments on “ShantiMayi i Stockholm 2015

eva avenek
May 30, 2015 at 10:02 am

Hej!Jag vill veta om möjlighet finns att endast nävara under Intensiven som ShantiMayi håller 15/6? Min plan är att åka från Karlstad fram o tillbaka över dagen och förbindelserna är inte sådana att jag kan stanna över Sacred Cirkel.
Jag förmodar att Alviks kulturhus är platsen för 15/6 också?!
Vänligen Eva

Candra Karlholm
May 30, 2015 at 3:13 pm

Hello Eva!

Welcome to the 15 June and yes, You decide when you want to depart. The program of intensive care is expected to stop sometime around noon. 15.00 on em, then included as I have said chanting and sacred circle for those who want. And yes, it is the same place, Bromma Hall at Alviks culture Alvik C. See you!

June 5, 2015 at 6:39 am

Finns det möjlighet att gå bara på någon av kvällarna och finns det möjlighet att köpa biljetter på stället?
På vilken adress kommer det att vara?
Vänlig hälsningar

Candra Karlholm
June 5, 2015 at 9:30 am

Hej Muktaa!

One can only participate in the whole wisdom weekend 12 – 14 June. On ShantiMayis events 14 – 15 June can come only evenings if you want (Sacred Circle). It is best to buy tickets online (link here on events pages) also because then you get email with practical information that goes out to the participants, but we will arrange with the option to buy the door even if it is the people who decide at the last moment. It is in Bromma Hall, Alviks Civic, Alvik C. Gustavslundsvägen 168. Warm welcome!


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