Kay Pollak on Mundekulla 2017

We are pleased to work with Mundekulla Retreat Center to offer a new WEEKEND workshop with Kay Pollak.

Friday 29 september kl. 18.00 - Sunday 1 October at. 16.00, the lovely Mundekulla, outside Emmaboda Smaland.

"All change starts with my thoughts." / Kay Pollak

Welcome to an intensive weekend workshop on letting go of the old "victim thoughts" - and to start thinking in a way that makes you a creative force in your life. A workshop full of lessons, laughs and insights about how our thoughts and beliefs affect our lives. You get energy, inspiration and tools on how to change old thoughts reducing. Kay's enthusiasm is contagious and he can make it difficult to be simple and obvious. Welcome to a transformative experience, a unique opportunity for those looking to take a major leap forward in your life!

Thousands of Swedes have listened to Kay Pollak live, He is one of our greatest inspiration lecturer. Now you too can get uppleva seminar that has changed thousands of people's lives! A nice gift for yourself or someone you care about.

As it is in heaven – So on earth

Kay Pollak is also the man behind the Oscar-nominated hit film As It Is in Heaven, which is one of Sweden's most watched movie ever, and the sequel “So on earth”

Weekend Course focus:
– Turn negative thoughts into opportunities
– Achieve your full potential and achieve your goals
– Maintain your presence and power in "awkward" situations
– Become far more invulnerable
– Be the guiding force in your life.
– Can happiness and joy be a choice?

EARLY BIRD-PRIS t.o.m. 29 aug.


Spontaneous reactions from former participants:
- I listened to Kay was 10-15 years ago and I have had much use in my everyday life!
- An energy boost without precedent!
- Great fun and invigorating!
- This should all be part of!
- The best I've seen!

- The prettiest, most valuable investment I have given myself a long time. So simple yet so very large! TACK! / Eva Sonesson

- Will have with me every ounce of what I have learned. / Hanna Eva Wiedahl

- Now I'm ready to bring me out into the world and show my greatness. / Tom Lindberg

- Kay gave me the tools to find the way to my Greatness. Thanks! / Daniel Jomalm

- My expectations have been exceeded by a wide margin. Thanks for the fantastic days! / Anna Vikström

– TACK – infinitely – for what you did for me and my classmates at the workshop! So exciting to see how to get people to upgrade themselves!!! FANTASTIC!!! / Chris Bjuremark

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2 Comments on “Kay Pollak on Mundekulla 2017

Hannah Elion
February 13, 2017 at 12:59 pm

I am Hannah Elion and coming from Amsterdam.I want to be ther at Johns de Ruiter his meetings on 5 and 6 mai 2017. Looking very forwarrd to it!

Candra Karlholm
February 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm

Hi Hannah,
Happy to hear that you are planning on coming to see John! Let us know if there is anything you don’t understand in the ticket booking process, or if you have any questions. Best regards, moon & Mikael


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