Tantra LIVE online med Rahasya

Rahasya Tantra the art of love and intimacy for singles and couples

Welcome to take part in Tantra 1 and Tantra 2!

Rahasya Tantra 1 & 2

Welcome to a weekend course LIVE online with Rahasya: Tantra 2: Deepening the Art of Love and Intimacy, for Singles and Couples, 8 – 9 January 2022 at. 9.00 – 12.00!

  • This is an advanced course, but you can take part in Tantra 1 as a recorded course and then participate!

Dr. Rahasya Fritjof Kraft is a much appreciated and experienced tantra teacher whose work is based on a deeply lived spirituality and presence with what is. He guides both singles and couples to deeper intimacy, acceptance and experience here and now - where life is!

Rahasya's course is in English.

We have gathered information about Rahasya's tantra courses and a free video interview with Rahasya and Rosario Rojas on the page below:

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