Kevin James and Susana in Stockholm and Gothenburg & Kevin James and Susana in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Kevin James and Susana in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Finally we can invite you to two evenings on site in Stockholm and Gothenburg with wonderful singing and music! Come and sing of the heart's desire with Kevin James and Susana - come and listen and enjoy the wonderful music and atmosphere that arises when Kevin and Susana share their Heart Songs.

Stockholm 10 May at. 19 – 21 on Example, Skeppsholmen. 395 SEK. Book here!

Gothenburg 14 May at. 19 – 21 at Kompani 415, Kviberg. 294 kr *. Book here!

(*If you bought a ticket for a higher price, we will refund the difference.)

Kevin James and Susana's Chanting Cicles is an invitation to co-create a deep contact with the heart and a positive, healing vibration for oneself and the world. The couple mixes the mantras with their own “heart songs” based on influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Rainbow Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi songs mixed with Western folk music
sound and world instruments.

This is a movement that honors and embraces the ancient cultures and religions of the world
their community… their unity. Each heart song is a song with a clear intention and purpose: to expand consciousness beyond the thinking mind, to enter into the bliss of the heart.

“Kevin James’ voice is touching, warm, and loving at each moment – authentic and straight from the heart. He sings for you, he sings to your soul, and you will feel an immediate warm embrace which lets you feel cozy, protected, and within a realm where sorrows have no weight anymore.” – Sat Nam Europe

Kevin James is a singer and Shakuhachi flutist from Australia. Together with his wife Susana, he travels the world, where invitations and the heart take them, and shares his music and song.

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