2022: A year for conscious growth!

A Year to Grow 2022

Do you want to grow in a conscious presence, love and creativity?

It's easy to get lost in all the hassles of everyday life, the demands and expectations of the environment and our own duties, thoughts and feelings! Meditation, conscious presence, is a superpower that helps you find clarity, calm and inner guidance. Still, it is easy to prioritize away just what helps us, when us and puts us in touch with our inner resources - especially when life is running on and we may need it most!

A Year to Grow is the annual program that you can follow from home, or right from where you are, and which gives you continuity and support for your personal development throughout an entire year! Two Tuesday evenings a month, you log in to a group meeting where you get inspiration, guidance, guided meditation and space for personal reflection. You also get access to the recordings from the meetings in a private course platform, you get PDF:you with suggestions for in-depth studies and you get exploratory conversations with other participants every month.

Try for FREE and without obligation 11 and 25 January!

This is what some of this year's participants say:

“It feels like I got a treasure chest of wisdom from Candra! As much wisdom as she shared in a very concrete and down-to-earth way this year! I feel calmer, more harmonious and much happier now than I was before. I can be with myself in a completely different way than before without becoming restless. The great sorrow, missing and emptiness I felt is almost completely gone now. I feel grateful for life and can stop and take advantage of small everyday joys in a different way than before. I can highly recommend A year to grow!” 


“I can warmly recommend Candra's course if you want to discover new perspectives on plants, widen their heart space, take steps towards long-awaited goals in one's life and get help to face the perhaps unconscious things that may stand in the way.”


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